Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt Ltd has always looked at the Newer and Innovative ways to bring out easier, cost effective and yet High quality products and process to suit the customer’s needs. In the conventional House Hold paintings, the customers have always found it very difficult and cumbersome activity when it came to getting their house repainted. Therefore, Research Team of Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt Ltd worked on the products and processes through which the house could be painted in one day and at a Fixed Cost but lower than what is presently prevailing in the market place. Development of Faster Drying and spray able application processes has been the unique introductions by Maharani in this field.
Kiseki Deco offers High quality durable acrylic emulsion coatings for walls to radiate excellent glowing finish. Key advantages are: Fast drying paint system with endurance durability within 24 hours. Low Volatile Organic Compound and very low odor. Excellent leveling and high film formability. Lamellar Orientation fixation for high attractive radiance. Wall stains can be easily washed and cleaned. High reinforced mechanical durability.
Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt Ltd has, after strenuous efforts of its Research Team, innovated a NEW and UNIQUE home painting Solutions Brand as KISEKI which will give its consumers a most relaxing and caring experience: 1.Your House will be painted only in one day and they will be free from the hassle of indulging for days and weeks when they get their house painted. Local Painters never had a schedule to follow and adhere. 2.You do not have to bargain with painters and contractors for settling the prices, when KISEKI is offering a LOW COST/FIXED COST -Value for Money experience. 3.You do not have to search markets for making selections of paints and shades for their walls as KISEKI is offering vide range of options online. 4. Your Fabric Curtains will be given a Fire Retardant Liquid Spray to enhance the Safety of the House.
Kiseki Premium Plus Acrylic Emulsion is a super durable acrylic finish coat which gives your walls long lasting rich looks with Matt finish. Kiseki Luxury Shine Acrylic Emulsion is a high quality adorable stylish finish for your walls. The wall painted with Kiseki Luxury Shine Acrylic Emulsion radiates a higher sheen and gives a smooth silky and heavenly finish.
The Home Painting by Kiseki is done by Team of Expert Painters supported by latest technology and rigourus practical training. Each member of Kiseki Application Team is trained at the Central Training Center based at Faridabad. The Training Center is fully equipped with Latest Technology Applicators. So the products and processes combined together will enable us to paint your house in just one day and will give value for your money.
Our Paint has been manufactured with finest of the Raw Materials and matched with the Best in the industry. It will have No Gloss Loss or Fading during service life. Good maintenance will provide you longevity of the finish.
Your house will be painted in Just ONE day. Normally we work from 8AM to 6 PM on all the days.
Our Customer complaint resolution team will be in touch with you and they will ensure quick and timely resolution.
Our business model is web based wherein there are no intermediate persons involved on sales, thereby the advance is requested which will ensure to faster service to the customer.
We take up Putty work and provide solution for Seepage problem however an additional amount will be charged after the affected areas inspection. This requires additional time thus the entire process will take more than 1 day. Alternatively you can get this masonry work done from a local Vendor before we start painting your house.
All the orders are to be booked through Web site only.  No other way orders can be booked. However, if you are not able to book order on line, you may contact our Call Centre at 18001027143.
You can change the order up to 5 days in advance of date of execution of order. This has to be done through web site. In case you are facing any problem online please call us @ 1800 102 7143
Minimum 5 days are required for painting from the date of order.
You can cancel the order 5 days prior to the painting day through the web site by referring your order number. Normally the refund amount is credited to the account in 7-10 working days time. The money will be refunded through the same channel it was received.
At present we have only 10 Texture Designs and 18 shades of Highlight colors (available on the website) you can choose from.
You will need to remove any small / breakable items from the shelves and pictures & other wall hangings from your wall. Curtains also should be taken out. We can move the larger items towards the center of the room and properly cover and protect furniture/items (Please note that any of our team member will not move the furniture as it will effect the target timeline of 1 Day Painting which might result in extra cost)
After you have removed your delicate items, all areas or remaining items, will be covered with clean drop cloths or plastic sheets to avoid any of your items getting dirty.
Yes it is possible, however this information should be given under special area while booking the order initially as there might be an additional charge to it for fixing the wall post removal of the Wallpaper.
We take up Putty work and provide solution for Seepage problem however an additional amount will be charged after the affected areas inspection. This requires additional time thus the entire process will take more than 1 day.
The painters are duly trained in our Technical Centre-though they are not our direct employees. However, we suggest that you do not leave the house on them and a close supervision is always recommended.
Our painter team before start of the work will discuss of the day’s work plan and normally we start the work in all room simultaneously. Therefore, for the day of painting, such inconvenience has to be borne by the customer and necessary pre arrangements are recommended to the customer.
No change is done on the original request made while booking the order. Our Painters are not authorised to make any changes in the paints provided to them against the order of the customer.
Following measures can be taken to protect the walls to retain the finish and color: Clean your walls time to time by properly dusting it with a soft cloth. To remove stains, gently wash with water soaked sponge by pressing very Gently. Do not spill or rub walls with Volatile solutions like kerosene, Petrol, Alcohol & Solvents. Ensure your walls are painted with Kiseki Deco High quality paints and take care for point no 1, 2 & 3. Rest be assured, paint will take care of your walls.
At present we have only 8 Natural Shades of Wood Polish. Kindly share your requirements with our advisor while booking the order.
Please contact our Customer Care at 18001027143 -who will assist you on this situation.


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Our Client Review Ratings provide comprehensive and credible information based on their experience.

  • Super-efficient staff, very polite and professional. Masking was taken care of very well and the quality of work done was good and ultra-efficient. Also the staff was very punctual.

    - Pooja Srivastava
  • My entire house was done within 10 hours and moreover the paint has practically no smell which made it comfortable to sleep the same day.The Work is good. but the company is still very new.

    - Sachin Bhatia
  • Excellent concept fist time in India... All team is most cooperative with customer. Before painting & also after painting is bond the relationship with customer.

    - Himanshu Gautam
  • Excellent performance and great team work together have given us excellent outcome. Aakash and piyush and their team of painters were very professional and efficient.

    - Sheela Srivastava
  • Your Team had done a commendable job & We are happy with the work. Much Appreciated.

    - Bhatt Family
  • Good Service.

    - Vineet Vishesh Joshi
  • Excellent Work.

    - Shyam Sunder
  • Satisfied with Quality of work & team did good job

    - Deveta Enterprises
  • Work done was satisfactory. Happy with the staff engaged thanks for your support.

    - Mrs. Monika Dhiman
  • Great job done by the team and the lead team by Chandan Kumar.

    - Mr. Nitin Gianchandani
  • Well done and in time.

    - Mr. Sushil Gupta
  • Excellent well done.

    - Mr. Santosh Kaul
  • Team was very cooperative and efficient.

    - Mr. Sunil Rajpal
  • Very methodical extremely cooperative, best endeavor to achieve best results in a time bound manner. Special thanks to rishi and Nitin Gautam. They are awesome people.

    - Mr. Ravi
  • Excellent job done with in time from

    - Mr. Pawan Kumar Sharma
  • Well done. Workers and supervisor was excellent in his work. Work finished efficiently by Mr. Shyam sunder and other members.

    - Mr. Sandeep Taneja
  • Excellent work done very satisfied overall, thanks to all the team. Very well supervised by Mr. Chandan. Performance excellent, excellent service provided.

    - Mr. Jagdish Bains
  • Satisfactory work done

    - Mr. B.K Raina
  • Organized and good team work, efficient supervisor Chandan

    - Mr. Edward
  • You guys have excellent team, who is cordial, cooperative and patient, Keep up the good work.

    - Mr. Sunil Sharma
  • Very good work

    - Mr. Joby
  • One day home painting did and excellent work. I would give them 10/10 and will surely recommend to friends.

    - Mr. Shailender kumar kamlesh
  • Customer Feedback - Excellent team work, superb supervision by Mr Chandan. Entire work was done very peacefully and cordially. I wish Chandan all success in future. Thanks.

    - Mr. Ania Malik
  • The supervisor and team were excellent in their approach, profession and detect rectification. They took pains to complete the job in professional manner even when left unsupervised.

    - Mr. Rohit Sharma
  • A very good job done by all the workers who worked as a team. Very satisfied and amazed on the quick work. Didn't think that work could be completed in one day but they did it’s a miracle as the same kiseki says.

    - Mrs Ritambara
  • I was quite satisfied with the work done. The supervisor has been very cooperative and manage his team well. The workers have been very good and efficient.

    - Ms Kanta
  • Work completed as per the Expectation

    - Mr. Vikas Bhatia
  • Very appreciable painting job done by the team supervised by Mr. Chandan. The team was well behaved and very cooperative.

    - Mr. Raman Bhatia
  • Painting is up to the mark. Following points should be taken into consideration for better work: Clean after job completion should be to the mark. A house keeping boy should be there to clean and wipe the floor and furniture etc.

    - Mr. Bidhyut


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