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1. Painting /Polishing Processes Followed at Kiseki

a) Home Wall Painting Process:

Kiseki Home Painting provides a hassle free solution for painting houses, which is much faster, cleaner and better than traditional painting. The painting work is carried out by trained painters with special (electrically operated) equipments, which are deployed based on the painting conditions and specific requirements at the site. The combination of skill, specific equipment and superior wall coating products under the Brand KISEKI from the house of Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt. Ltd. provide a unique experience of peaceful and fast painting of homes.

A painting work comprises surface preparation, application of primer and application of finish coats. While Kiseki painters are sufficiently trained to carry out the required task, the quality of the finished walls also depends on the quality of the wall, the brickwork, the mortar and the cement used, presence of moisture, pollutants, salt petre, etc. For example, if there is seepage of water from any source, a painting work will never be successful. It is required that customer gets all such defects corrected before asking for painting job. Customer must also inform in advance (through uploading photograph) of any such special moisture impacted area or damaged walls which require masonry work while placing the order. The company will, however, depute an inspector - after receiving the confirmed order from the customer, to physically inspect the area of walls and ceiling as mentioned in the web site, check the conditions of walls for any requirements of pre repair work before the start of actual painting job. The customer will ensure that any repair work as mentioned in the inspection report or shown to the customer at the time of booking order, will be completed and confirmed to the company- after which the company will confirm the date of painting at the customer’s house. The charges for such preparatory work will be borne by customer and will be exclusive to the Order Value.

The Painters are trained & qualified by the company. The Company supplies paint developed and produced from its plant at Faridabad.

The painters’ services may include the following depending on scope of the job:

Covering by poly sheets of all furniture and masking parts which are liable to get affected;

Scraping of walls

Application of putty, if required (only localised areas for minor repairs).

Application of primer and finish paints;

Providing desired finish; and

Post painting clean-up .

You agree to abide by the following terms for smooth & timely completion of painting

- The painter team will arrive by 7:45 AM of the day of painting. Prior information about the painter team arrival shall be provided. You will ensure that the security office of your complex is communicated suitably and made aware of KISEKI Team’s scheduled arrival and permission granted.

- You will remove all the wall hangings, clock, curtains, picture frames etc. prior to arrival of the painters.

- You will remove all glass/ breakable /valuable items and ensure that they are kept in a safe place as the team will not be responsible for any loss or theft.

- You will arrange to shift all the wall side furniture, cabinets, tables etc towards the centre of the room so that free walls are available for painting job.

- Supervisor/Lead painter will explain the sequence of operations for the full day in the beginning so that you can plan the day accordingly.

- After completion of painting to your satisfaction, you will provide your inputs in order to process for closure of the order.

- The painting (type& shade) will be done as per the material supplied (as per request made during booking of order). Under no circumstances, request of change in colour will be taken up while painting is in progress.

- The ceiling will be done only with Standard white paint made specifically for ceilings.

- In any particular room only one wall can be painted with a highlighted colour/ designer texure ( if selected by you). The remaining three walls will be painted with a single colour selected by you .

- In case the ceiling have different shades, we shall paint only the white portion.

- In order that the painters are able to use their electrically operated application equipment like Sanders, Spray Guns etc. you will ensure that uninterrupted power supply is available during the course of painting.

b) Polish/Painting of Wooden doors/windows, furniture, iron grills etc. The Company also undertakes the painting and Polishing work on Wooden and Iron Doors, Grill, Windows, Wardrobes, etc.

There are 4 different type of Kiseki Wood Coating products which are being used for different applications as below:-

1) Kiseki wood filler : works as a wood filler and enhances wood grains and fibres

2) Kiseki wood glossy tuff coat : works as a top coat wood protector

3) Kiseki wood matt tuff coat : works as a top coat wood protector

4) Kiseki wood polish: for wood colors Kiseki wood polish adds beauty to wood with pleasing colors and retains the asthetic natural appeal

It is available in 8 silky and soothing aroma to give your wood work a refreshing feel. Key features are:

1)Enables staining of wood to your choice

2)Matches color variations in wood

Enamel Painting:

Kiseki high durable enamels are multipurpose coating system applicable to metal and wooden surfaces. It provides excellent gloss and color retentions. Key features are:

1) Outstanding outdoor durability

2) Excellent corrosion resistance

3) Good resistance to chemicals and stains

4) Superior abrasion resistance

5) Excellent leveling and exceptional gloss

2) Placing of order:

Separate orders are required to be placed for home wall painting and polishing/ painting of wooden doors/windows , furniture , iron grill etc. For home wall painting , you agree to place the order through the website by selecting and providing required information with respect to the areas of wall to be painted ( in square feet) , selection of color shades, Type of paint, description of any area of wall which requires some special treatment (upload the video) . For polishing/ painting of wooden doors/windows, furniture, iron grill etc. you agree to place the order through the website by selecting and providing required information with respect to the quantity, size (wherever required), type of furniture, selection of colour shades/ finish and type of paint ( select as per the drop down menu). Prices are calculated based on these information and the order will be executed purely based on the given information. However, to recheck the measurements, company will depute an inspector/supervisor who will verify the measurements and in case of any variations, the customer will be liable to pay for the differential amount. You will also provide the preference of date(s) on which you would like to get your house painted and/or doors, windows, furniture, iron grills painted/polished. For this, the open calendar windows are provided for your selection of priority dates.

You agree to make full payment in advance as per the price calculator for the information provided by you. All the payments are to be done through the web site.

You agree that the colour shade visible in your computer / mobile screen are the representative colours and that there will be a deviation in the shade at the time of actual painting/polishing on the walls/wooden articles.

You agree that on behalf of you, we will arrange all the painting personnel required for one day home painting/polishing. All the personnel supplied will be trained by us and competent for such type of one day home painting/polishing operation. Their payments will be reimbursed by us on behalf of you after your confirmation on satisfaction of completion of the job.

In case information provided are not correct while placing the order with respect to the areas of wall to be painted /polishing operations, additional charges related to the additional area plus service charges are to be paid before 11.00 am on the day of painting for completion of job. In case differential amount is not paid, the house will be painted only for the areas booked and paid initially.

3) Change request of Order:

While placing order you are advised to reassure about the different inputs provided by you. However, you can modify your order minimum 3 days prior to agreed date of painting/polishing for which a nominal amount of Rs 1000.00 will be charged.

(For example if the initial order is booked on 1st of month for painting/polishing to be done on 15th of the month, You can modify on or before 12th of the month ( upto 8.00 am) for the painting/polishing to be done on 15th of month.).

In case the order is changed/amended within 72 hours from the date of scheduled painting/polishing date, the penalty amount calculated on the basis of loss of cost of Painters and cost of material made specially against the order will be levied and the same will have to deposited before the painting /polishing date through the web site only. The penalty amount is same as mentioned for Cancellation of Order-below. 10% of the total order value.

Cancellation of order:

In case cancellation of order is done more than 3 days from the date of Scheduled date of painting/polishing, a 10% penalty of the total order value will be levied and the refund amount will be credited to customer account within 7 working days from the date of cancellation.

In cases, where the order is cancelled with three days from the date of scheduled date of painting/polishing, penalty will be levied amounting 20% of total order value .The refund amount after adjustment of penalty will be credited to the customer account in maximum 7 working days.

In cases, where the order is cancelled on the day of painting/polishing, no refund will be given and a 100% penalty shall be levied to the customer.

In case, if the customer is not able to follow the instructions given to him on activities to be carried out by him before the painting date, and the painting team is not able to carry out their job on site, the order will be treated as cancelled and the penalty will be levied as applicable in case of cancellation of order.

User Restrictions

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Even though Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt Ltd, use the best quality Paints, use the most appropriate application procedure for painting, make sure that the surface is ready for painting job by taking utmost care in making surface preparation by the extensively trained Painters and use best of the painting equipment, there may still be eruptions of paint defects after the completion of job due to some external factors. You agree to indemnify MIPPL from and against any and all liabilities, expenses and damages that may occur at the time of painting or subsequent to painting job” However, MIPPL assures that in case of any painting defect is observed due toapplication process or any other reason, the same will be rectified to the satisfaction of the customer.

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